Total investments in Madayn industrial cities reach More than RO 7.4 billion

Madayn's industrial cities
Madayn's industrial cities

Total investments in Oman’s Madayn industrial cities hit over RO 7.4bn

Muscat: Engineer Daoud bin Salem Al Haddabi, CEO of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn), confirmed that the celebration of Omani Industry Day, which the Sultanate of Oman celebrates annually on the ninth of February; This year, Madayn continues to achieve increasing growth rates in its various digital indicators, and to expand in various governorates by developing new industrial cities or developing existing ones, thanks to the high interest of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said – may God protect him. His patronage of the industrial sector, and his generous continuous directives to provide the appropriate investment environment for the localization of local and foreign investments in line with the objectives of “Oman Vision 2040”.

He said in a statement to the Oman News Agency that the volume of investment added to “Madayn” during the year 2023 exceeded 207 million Omani riyals, bringing the total volume of investment in all industrial cities affiliated with the corporation, including the Muscat Knowledge Oasis and the Al Mazyouna Free Zone, to more than RO 7.4 billion.

He added that the number of nationalized projects reached 2,063 projects in their various stages (existing, under construction, and for which land was allocated), with 55,242 workers working in these projects, of whom national cadres constitute 38 percent, while the total areas of the industrial cities affiliated with “Madayn” (existing) reached (New and New) about 163.2 million square meters, of which 33.6 million square meters have been rented.

Eng. Daoud Al-Haddabi pointed out that the Mada’in Entrepreneurial Complexes Project is the latest value-added initiative offered by “Madayn” in cooperation with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority to support owners of entrepreneurial ideas and small and medium enterprises in the Sultanate of Oman, where the idea is to provide complexes for ready-made model factories in industrial cities. To empower the industrial sector and localize more investments, as this project aims to empower small and medium enterprises in the industrial sector, and to find vital locations for them in the various industrial cities affiliated with “Madayn”, which leads to linking these institutions operating in the industrial sector with promising business opportunities and reducing costs. Productivity of these factories and accelerating production processes in addition to increasing and improving production efficiency. The Corporation, in cooperation with the Authority, has begun to actually implement this project, as the design process has been completed, the consultant has been selected, and the construction tender for the complex in Nizwa Industrial City has been issued. Work is underway on the executive plan for the complex and details of the designs and works. Construction in the Rusayl Industrial City. Coordination is currently underway between the two sides to implement the royal directives of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, may God protect and preserve him, for the two industrial complexes in the Musandam Governorate, specifically in the Mahas Industrial City in the Wilayat of Khasab and the Saih Al-Wasat Industrial City in the Wilayat of Madha.

Eng. Dawoud Al-Haddabi confirmed that “Madayn” pays great attention to the digital transformation sector and works in accordance with the axes and directions of the national vision and the general framework of the unified government digital transformation program approved by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, in accordance with the latest plan for the period (2021 – 2025), which begins Within the measurement indicators and related performance axes, “Madayn” has been able over the past two years to achieve many achievements in this aspect, and this is reflected in its continuous progress in the evaluation carried out by the Ministry within the program of proficiency in government digital transformation, where “Madayn” reached by the end of the year 2023 to 74 percent within the green level, up from (62) percent a year ago, and (52) percent two years ago, which confirms that the digital transformation in Madayn is on the right path, and the administration has directed all those working on the project To work on the development aspects mentioned in the Ministry’s report.

He stated that one of the most prominent digital systems implemented by Madayn during the executive plan for digital transformation (2021-2025) is the new administrative and financial system for managing all of the organization’s resources and raising internal operational efficiency in the work environment, gradually replacing a number of previous administrative systems. As well as the new Masar electronic platform for investor services, through which one can apply for all the services provided by Madayn to its clients, where (43) various services have been launched, including services specific to investment, contracts, or permits, in addition to general services related to operations and inspection, and they are available to investors. Existing or potential employees from anywhere in the world, and also the My Services platform, which provides internal services for employees, through which they can access all the services provided by the various departments according to the administrative divisions in the organizational structure, whether in the main office or the industrial cities, where (101) services were launched. Main and subsidiary ones until the end of last year 2023, and they are being reviewed continuously to improve them.

In addition to other systems, such as the deposit system related to managing all aspects of work in the Al Mazyouna Free Zone, and it includes (52) electronic services distributed between deposit, clearance, storage, maintenance, destruction, and manufacturing operations in the free zones, and the geographic mapping system (Explore platform), where Mada’in applies geographic mapping systems. Since 2009, it has been one of the first government institutions to implement a system for displaying lands, sites, products, and types of industrial activities in an integrated mapping system.

During the first year of the digital transformation plan, a comprehensive restructuring of the geographic mapping system took place, allowing the display of land categories and investment opportunities in industrial cities, and Darba e-learning platform, which is concerned with providing various training programs and workshops for employees, which currently includes a diverse library of about (2,500) titles that vary between specialized and administrative programs that vary in terms of content and duration of implementation of each program, and a system of interfaces and statistical reports that works to provide a unified interface for all indicators. Main city of Mada’in; Whether related to investors, property, working human resources, or products, in addition to the presence of a correspondence system related to managing all correspondence and documents that are exchanged internally or with government and private agencies, while providing the electronic signature and seal feature, and applying the standards of the Documentation Authority and the approved classification of data, while providing the possibility Mobile access.

Engineer Daoud Al-Haddabi explained that Madayn is constantly working to improve the efficiency of the investor services system in all its industrial cities through Masar service centers, which aim to raise the level of services provided to investors by accelerating and simplifying procedures, and strengthening relations with partners to provide integrated services to the investor and consolidate the relationship with him in order to It provides a safe business environment, in addition to providing accurate statistical data for investors.

The number of visitors to these centers in various industrial cities during the year 2023 exceeded 60 thousand visitors, while during the same year more than 55 thousand various services were provided in record times. The average duration reached in One of the cities is 3 minutes away, and specialists in Madayn are currently working on developing a new interactive system to receive reports and quickly respond to them in line with modern technologies. He said that the corporation’s electronic system for managing entrances to industrial cities, “Nafez Mada’in,” ​​provided a system of advanced technological solutions that brings together the latest developments in smart gate systems, software applications, and advanced infrastructure, in order to harness them to improve the flow of operations through management, control, and monitoring of the entry of trucks, cars, and individuals into industrial cities.

Madayn has begun implementing this system in (3) industrial cities so far, namely Rusayl, Sohar and Nizwa. During the year 2023, the system recorded more than 5.6 million entry movements in these three cities, and more than 1.14 million truck movements and equipment.

The system currently has more than 35,000 registered trucks and equipment, in addition to registering more than 7,500 transport companies, more than 8,000 individual carriers, and 45 service providers. Given the success of the system’s experience in several aspects related to facilitating entry processes, codifying and providing goods statistics, weighing, and communication, the system is working “Madayn” is currently working with partners to expand the experiment and apply it in the rest of its industrial cities.

He stressed that Madayn places the occupational safety and health control system among its priorities to provide an integrated business environment in its various industrial cities, and the organization works for this by intensifying its efforts to reduce accidents, injuries and occupational diseases, in addition to promoting the goals and principles of health and environmental awareness for all business owners and investors, in this regard, during the years 2022 and 2023, the Corporation carried out 5,689 health inspections in various industrial cities, and 4,870 operations on health, safety and environmental systems, in addition to 854 inspections to assess risks and activate procedures for obtaining an insurance policy.

The specialists in “Madayn” also carried out “In cooperation with the relevant authorities during the year 2023, 362 emergency and evacuation plans were conducted for the corporation’s administrative buildings and industrial facilities.

On the other hand, he explained that Madayn seeks to build a better environment for living and working to ensure the continuity of preserving the environment and protecting it from air, soil and water pollution in response to the challenges facing the environment as a result of various forms of pollution and climate change, as Madayn’s vision aims to encourage environmental awareness and achieve zero carbon emissions by the year 2050, especially in the industrial sector by improving and developing technology related to clean energy, as Madayn works in cooperation with partners to enhance awareness among investors in various industrial cities to encourage them to use safe, sustainable and innovative alternative sources by focusing on several axes, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste management. Hazardous waste, discharge of liquid waste into the marine environment, emissions of air pollutants, noise emissions, use and handling of chemicals (storage, transport and loading of chemicals), storage of hazardous materials, building demolition and asbestos disposal, land pollution, water and energy consumption.

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